Key people: Image of Abigail Belshaw

Abigail has recently assumed the role of Finance Assistant at Routen Chaplin. Her day-to-day duties are essential in ensuring the smooth-running of the finance department and include such responsibilities as inputting the cashbook onto a spreadsheet and then onto Sage, checking insurer statements for incoming payments, and passing accounts due for settlement to Finance Manager, Gemma Bee.

Abigail is also responsible for emailing remittances to insurers, checking the cash-tin, banking in-coming cash and cheques, and running the cashbook in the evening.

Naturally helpful by nature, Abigail is friendly and efficient, and goes out of her way to assist wherever she can. She describes herself as focused, interesting and different!

When not in the office, Abigail spends her spare time eating out, travelling to new cities and indulging in her love of true crime documentaries and crime conspiracy theories.


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