Tips for reducing the damage of flooding

24th July, 2018

Placed in close proximity to the River Trent and River Erewash in Long Eaton, we understand the effects flooding can have on businesses and homes.

Whilst we cannot control the weather, we can provide advice and guidance on reducing the damage of flooding. Below, we have compiled a list of useful tips:

1. Sign up to flood warnings here – it is better to be prepared

2. Check rising water levels by listening to local news warnings, the local government and the Environment Agency

3. Keep a store of sandbags and wooden boards for windows and doors – if a flood has been predicted seal and block windows and doors

4. Leave all important documents upstairs

5. If you have a basement, cellar or coal chute, you may consider investing in a sump pump or permanently sealing them

6. Have anti-backflow valves fitted in toilets

7. Put plugs in sinks if a flood is predicted – this reduce backflow of water

8. If you think a flood may happen, put as much furniture upstairs as possible, unplug and remove all electrical equipment to a higher level and if you have heavy electrical equipment, such as a fridge, make sure it is raised at least 1m above predicted flood level

9. It is important to do safe shutdown if a flood is likely – turn off all gas supplies, electricity and water mains

10. Ensure you have a flood kit ready – include useful documents, a torch, batteries, a list of useful contacts, waterproof clothing, and blankets or towels.

Useful numbers include:

Family members

Your local authority

The Environment Agency - 03708 506 506

24-hour flood helpline - 0345 988 1188

At Routen Chaplin, we can advise you on what insurance you need to have in place, offering support and guidance at the critical time of needing to make a flood claim. 

Speak to a member of the team today on 0115 973 4437 or email

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