Placing insurance for high risk requirements

20th August, 2018

A client of ours had initially placed their insurance cover with another insurer and had fallen victim to a flood during their policy. Heavy rainfall in a short space of time had caused a lot of surface runoff which entered into our client’s property, costing the initial insurance provider £56,000.

The insurer decided not to renew the policy due to the property now being considered a higher risk. Our client was struggling to place cover elsewhere, with many other insurers immediately declining or with flood cover being excluded.

To ensure minimal damage in case of future floods, our client had taken further measures, such as removing and replacing all air bricks, having new doors fitted, raising electric sockets and having flood gates fitted to all final exit doors. Explore other ways of reducing flood damage here.

When we first took on the policy, insurers wanted our client to also have sand bags at the property which she did not want, due to lack of space. Instead, they suggested flood bags which can be flat packed when not in use.

Insurers also wanted our client to sign up to local flood alerts with environment agency, but our client could not do so as she was told that she wasn’t in a high risk flood area. However, due to the trust insurers place in us, we were able to negotiate and have this removed from the policy.

We managed to arrange cover for this client including flood cover with an increased flood excess of £2500.

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